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Preparing Images

All images must be in .jpg or .gif format. If you are using software to process images look for the SAVE As file type JPG or use the EXPORT option to produce a JPG type file.

The following document shows How to Create a Table of Images using the Table Icon on the ePortfolio Editor to produce a display of your images on an ePortfolio page.

PictureTrail is a photo sharing web site that has a large range of creative slide show styles, called Photo Flicks. You can upload your images and create a Photo Flick and then embed this by copying the html code and adding it using the Source button in the editor on your ePortfolio page.

Flickr is a photo sharing web site where you can store up to 200 images for free and an unlimited number for a small annual fee. Flickr also has a slide show capability. To see how to embed a Flickr slide show into you ePortfolio page goto http://paulstamatiou.com/2005/11/19/how-to-quickie-embedded-flickr-slideshows/

Tabblo is a free photo sharing web site where you can create a tabblo of you images and also present them as a slideshow. Tabblo can connect and capture your images from Flickr and display your tabblo to Flickr. With the Tabblo 'blog badge' feature, simply copy the html source code and the badge will show your tabblos and images right on your ePortfolio page.

Picasa 3 software is free and is a great tool for preparing and organizing your collection of digital images and small movie files. Tabblo also has a link that allows you to upload images directly from Picasa.

The Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI) produce two excellent summaries on the above; Photo sharing sites and Images in Blogs and Wikis (and ePortfolios too). For technical information about digital images see The Digital Image.

For those interested in presenting their work online in Photography, Graphic Design or Art here are some websites that with a variety of tools and resources for online image editing and website design.


List of Photo sharing and hosting websites.



File Type
How to Create a Table for Images

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