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Here is a guide as to what to write on the seven pages of the ePortfolio. The pages will be developed as part of course assignments. In some cases one or two pages may be left out, as appropriate to the course or individual concerned.


This is where you introduce yourself to the people who are viewing your website. You should tell a little bit about your past, your present and your future. Remember your audience and keep your information professional at all times. Using pictures, graphics, links and other design options will make your ePortfolio easier to navigate and more interesting to view.


Academic Samples
This area of your website is for you to add a variety of examples of your coursework that will demonstrate your skills. Write briefly about your project and then link to the actual project. You can include term papers, PowerPoint presentations, database projects, Excel projects, artwork, graphics, or other coursework that you are proud of. But the key is not just to post it but to talk a little bit about the project and what you have learned from it.


Educational Goals
Write a brief statement here about where you would like to be educationally in the short term and several years from now. Your goals also may include pursuing a certificate, a degree or further degree or gaining additional experience related to your professional goals.


The information that you add here can expand upon the information in your resume. The digital portfolio allows you to talk about the jobs, work experience and/or internships that you have had and specifically how they have trained you. You can also link to sites that show where you worked or something more about your experience.


Professional Goals
Write a brief statement here about where you would like to be professionally in the short term such as when you graduate or the long term 5 to 10 years from now after you have gained experience, or even a combination of the two. Your goals also may include pursuing an advanced degree or gaining additional experience in related fields and your desire to move into management or own your business. Try to demonstrate how you intend to contribute to your field.


Prepare a current resume and make sure it is free of errors, misspelling or other grammatical mistakes. Because your resume will be viewed online, you may want to include your name and email address as contact information but not your home address or phone number. You may want to create a separate email address just for your ePortfolio with a professional email name and not your personal one.


Co-Curricular Activities
In this section you can post details of activities from sports, drama, music, clubs, student boards and societies you are involved in as well as any community involvement. Write a short narrative about your experience, and several impact statements that highlight the skills and insights from the activity. You could also include links to any clubs or societies web sites.

Based on the work of the
New York City College of Technology ePortfolio Project.


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